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Esox Rods Get Rave Reviews from Tournament and Avid Amateur Fishermen.
Here is just a sampling:

"These are the lightest rods ever made. When throwing heavy lures all day, your arm won't get tired. It really does feel like an extension of your arm! After using Esox Rods, I could never go back to any other brand! I can confidently say no rod on the market is as light, sensitive, or well built as an Esox."
– Billy R.

"The 7' ESOX BG Rod is the best spinner bait rod I have ever used. I fished Santee Cooper SC practicing for a tournament last weekend, caught a limit and had 15 more bites. Not an unusual day, except we had 20 mph winds. The sensitivity and action of the BG rod allowed me to accurately cast and feel the spinnerbait, but most importantly I could feel the bite fishing in 20 mph wind!  The 7' ESOX BQ rod is perfect for cranking because it will "cast farther than other cranking rods," but the advantage is the sensitivity. Unlike other cranking rods that are heay and mushy, this rod allows you to feel exactly what the bait is doing. These are truly exceptional rods! I can hardly wait to use some of the other models. As we say down south,"Ya'll will be hard to beat!
p.s. Thanks for an opportunity to be on the ESOX Pro Staff!"
– Ronnie McCoy

"Your new website is looking great.
Thanks for the opportunity to show off some of the lightest, strongest, and most sensitive rods on the market.  The quality of workmanship and the attention to detail on these rods cannot be described without picking one up, tying on a lure, and using it for the day (the whole day!). Here is a picture of the latest bruiser from Lake Greenwood, SC.  8lbs 7.5 oz.  Your 70BY handled her and the 1/2 oz spinnerbait I was throwing, without a problem.  These fish helped me win a club tournament and all 13 fish I caught that day were on ESOX fishing rods.  Casting into a 20 mph winds can be troubling at times however, I found it much easier to tame with one of your rods.  The extra length and design of the rod made for a virtually free cast into heavy winds.
Once again, Thanks for everything"
– Rob Nowlin

"These rods have no equal on the market today. For muskie and bass, these are probably the best quality products I've ever seen."
– Dr. Gene Smith

"I have owned just about every quality stick on the market. ESOX Rods are by far the finest I have ever used in the last fourteen years of competitive bass fishing."
– Bobby Maples

"The 7'0" medium light esox spinning rod is a great multi purpose rod. I have used it for every thing from small crank baits to dropshot. If I had to have one spinning rod in my boat this would be the one because of it's ability to handle so many different applications."
– JR

"Wanted to let you know that my Esox rods worked to perfection in a recent tournament! I was throwing a Rattle-trap, and retreving it by yo-yoing it, the fish that day were biteing extremly lite, but the sensitivity of the Esox rods definitly helped feel the light bites, As I said before these rods are top notch! And I am proud to help support and promote your products!"
– Mac Lassiter

"I finished the first ever Women's Bassmaster Tournament in Gadsden, Alabama last week. I finished 6th in the tournament, out of 104 lady boaters and had the BIG BASS of the tournament. What an exciting week. I love the rods. They are absolutely the lightest I have ever held. I can fish all day without my arms giving out. They are super sensitive and am able to feel even the slightest tick!Thanks for a super product and your support!"
– Deanie Tate

"Finished 6th recently and beat a lot of good fisherman. The Bite was tough, I only had 2 bites and caught both fish. I truly believe that if I were not using ESOX Rods I may not of felt the bites. Thanks again for everything."
– Joe Feeser

"About those rods you sold us, neither of us has ever fished with a finer rod before. Our money was well spent. When We mounted reels on our rods, it redefines BALANCE. We have never fished with a lighter combination. Personally, I don't want to set the rods down. Thanks again for such a great product."
– Joe Riccio & Drisco Durham

"I must commend you all on very fine craftsmanship on these rods that I have purchased. Not to be redundant, but there is NO equal on the Market today!! Superb flexibility and sensitivity. I was thoroughly impressed with the sensitivity of the rods, as nothing went unnoticed...I could feel everything!! I am in the process of replacing all of my rods with ESOX rods, and hope to do the same with everyone else that I come into contact with. Esox rods are, by far, the best competitive tool on the fishing market...Mark My Word!" Bass Wishes,
– Keilan Lord

"I had been fishing spinnerbaits all morning to no avail. Then, I started noticing the baitfish in the area starting to "ball-up" and the bass BLASTING them. So, around noon, I decided to put my ESOX Rod to the test with a Rattle-Trap, and within thirty minutes I had caught and released eight largemouth, an 8-inch threadfin shad, and a hefty striper WITHOUT losing a SINGLE fish, even with the notorious "fish losing ability" of the Rattle-Trap. Thanks to the superb craftmanship, power, flexibility, and sensitivity of my ESOX Rod, my confidence is, literally, at an All-Time HIGH!!! By the way, I say sensitivity, in this case, because I set the hook quite a few times when I felt the Rattle-Trap bounce off a few of the baitfish. I am really "hooked on" Esox Rods, and have nothing but great things to say about them."
– Keilan Lord

"The rods have been great. Finally started forcing myself to start fishing some jigs this last few weekends, and been hooking some solid fish with the jig rod and its been a blast. The jig rod is so sensitive with a very strong backbone. I have caught these last few weekends about 60 fish out at Roosevelt lake, and all but two were on the jig rod. I felt every fishes tap and never missed a single one. I have caught hundeds of fish on the DS rod with no problems. I really have been having a blast using Esox rods."
– Richard Ontko

"This is to inform you that we had great success in using the 6'6" SD spinning rod which is awesome for throwing Jerk baits. I replaced my favorite rod with this Jerk bait rod and I cast it 20 feet further than any other rod I have tried. As a result, I am catching more fish. The longer cast allows the bait to go deeper and stays in the strike zone much longer. This rod has produced greater results allowing me to finish 6th, 4th, 7th and 2nd on consecutive weekends over the last four weeks against a field averaging well over a 100 boats per tournament. I am so happy with this rod and my other ESOX rods because I am making more money fishing in these tournaments using this equipment. Any person wanting to throw Jerk baits NEEDS to be using this 6'6" SD spinning rod. They will become more successful likewise".
– Stu Moyer

"I wanted to let you know that I got my rods and I am impressed with your craftsmanship. I went fishing this past weekend and tried a Mann's 30+ on the 7'10" BM. The extra length made a big difference in my casting distance, and that plus the 8# test Pline mono helped me hit the bottom in 24' of water. The extra length also seemed to make cranking that big lure easier. I over matted hydrilla, and even though I didn't get a hit, I could tell that this was the right rod for the job and I can't wait to get it on the Rayburn next spring. Next, I teamed the 7'0" BE with 14# Pline mono and a Zoom Super Fluke and I was impressed with the way the rod loaded each time I jerked the Fluke. I may need more testing to determine if these rods were the right choices, but so far I like them very much. I will keep you informed of the results of my testing. Andy Caldwell, my buddy from down Houston way has told me that he has signed on with you, and asked for my initial assessment. He tells me that if his testing is favorable, and he agrees with my review he will leave Kistler. For him to tell me that makes me proud that he values my opinion that much, and also should be a bold statement to the quality of ESOX."
– Jim Smith

"I recently received the rod you sent me. I must admit, the rod was everything I was hoping for and then some. Definitely, a well thought-out product, manufactured with the utmost quality. The 10" handles are perfect for me. The diameter of the handle is a perfect fit without me having to sand the cork for a comfortable fit. The weight of the rod was the final decision point and the rod came through lighter then what I am presently using. Quality in a product is something you can feel the minute you pick up a piece of equipment. Esox rods have that feel. I'm sold. I would definitely like to pursue working something out between us. Upon consummation of our commitment, I would like to replace all of my current rods in lieu of Esox Rods. Thank you for producing such a fine piece of equipment."
– Joe Riccio

"I was fishing the BASS Weekender-Sooner Div. opener on Broken Bow Lake. Due to changing weather the only bit I could get was from schooling fish, and only on a fluke. The ESOX DD rod was the ticket; it works perfectly with a fluke. Long casts, great action on the bait, and so lightweight. I went through 3 bags of flukes just having fun and catching fish all day. Luckily it was enough to win the tournament. Your DD rod is a pleasure to fish with."
– Kyle Cooper

"I have fished 3 tournaments since receiving my 3 rods. I must say that I was a little apprehensive at first as to the price, given the fact that I had really very little experience with your rods. However, the rods were all that you said that they would be and more. The problem, however, is that my various partners seem to like them equally as much and I have a difficult time getting them back to the front of the boat when I lay them down. So, I just wanted to commend you on an excellent product that has me very much sold."
– Mike Curtis

"It has always been my opinion the local level fishermen can have more influence in what their peers buy than bigger name pros and that this group of anglers is ignored by the industry as far as being a viable advertising tool. I am more likely to use something my friends use than something a pro recommends. I really like the way these rods fished. I received good comments from others who tried them. I want a rod that looks good. ESOX Rods were simple, but looked good. I have replaced all my rods with ESOX."
– Brad Coovert

"ESOX Rods are built for everyday tournament use. I wouldn't use any other brand or rod. They out perform any rods that I have ever used. They cast up to 20% farther than other rods."
– Dave Moore