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Garry Moorhead and Brent Moorhead

ESOX Rods was founded by Gary and Brent Moorehead and his son, to create nothing less than the perfect tools for the toughest fishing out there.

As a principle owner of Heddon during the 1970’s and 80’s, Gary Moorehead changed the manner that fishing tackle was made. He was a pioneer in the development of graphite rods, eliminating metal ferals and poor performing lacquer finishes. He solved the problem of guides coming unwrapped. He introduced durable epoxy and urethane finishes, along with varied spiral windings and written statements on rods.

Gary was also involved in dramatically improving the appearance of lures by switching from "air spray" techniques to a printing process that gives lures the natural and realistic look they have today. He upgraded finishes to urethane to enable lures to last longer. One of his proudest accomplishments was the development of the “Zara Spook”, one of the most popular lures in the world today.

In the late 1970’s, Gary started a regional company called Wellington Products that made fishing rods into the mid-80’s. In the early 80’s, he won a large AFTMA fishing tournament in Florida competing against anglers from around the world.

Brent Moorehead has also become extremely knowledgeable through his own love of angling and years associating himself with the fishing tackle business with his father. Gary and Brent are very interested in similar things such as golfing, Purdue sports, politics and racing. Brent is an avid hunter and Gary has gone weekly to Bible Study Fellowship for 14 years. Brent's has a step son and his wife delivered twin boys in February 2005.