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How the programs work?

ESOX Rods Pro-Staff team is unique. As you know the Pro in Pro-Staff does not mean professional, it means promotional. ESOX Rods is looking for anglers that are skilled in promoting themselves and the products they use. The traditional way to do this is to tell someone to go to some tackle store or website to purchase the item and leaving no way for companies to see the work you have done. We are different from other companies for we are currently not located in a large number of retail stores and we do like to reward and pay each of our Pro-Staff Team members for the work they do. We are able to do this several ways, the first is by providing each of our Pro-staff members with an ID code that they pass along and is then used by customers wanting to purchase our rods. If you show someone our product and they go to the website and order rods, they will receive a 10% discount on whatever they purchase using this ID. We in turn reward the Pro-staff member with a 25% commission on what is purchased using their unique ID code. Pro-Staff team members also have the option to sell rods directly to other anglers and we will drop ship the order directly to that angler or you whichever you choose. Our Pro-staff system is unique; we reward you, whenever you help us. No one else offers such a great opportunity. Our Pro-Staff members can quickly and easily change the initial discounts they receive on their rods by simply promoting the Esox Rods they use. Because we reward your promotional sales, you can earn back the cost on your rods and even move into a paid Pro-Staff position receiving money from Esox Rods to use for tournament entry fees and travel expenses or what ever you chose. We have had a few team members use their promotional sales to start up their own tackle business. We have one individual who has helped us sell over 70 rods and has made nearly $5000 helping us. This helped him defray a good number of the expenses in fishing his tournaments each year.

For qualified professional guide members, we have additional programs for you to become a team member. We also recognize that certain anglers by name recognition, exceptional tournament successes, or their work with us have earned higher program levels with other benefits. You reward us and we will reward you.

We have added the new Sterling Series rod line that is $80-90 less expensive than our ESOX series. This line of rods is affordable to all serious tournament anglers and still offers much of The ESOX Advantage over other rods. The Sterling Series rods are available with the same reward package of 25% of the purchase price back to you. Our new flagship Carbon Fiber Series rods are under the same program and are of course available directly to you.

We are looking to add qualified individuals to our team. If our staff members know of other anglers who want to become part of our team and they refer them to us, we will provide that team member with one free ESOX Series rod of their choice, for every two new members who join.

Some of our Pro-staff members want the opportunity to run shows or make presentations to large groups of people on their own. We have worked with several of them and given them the opportunity to obtain our products on consignment, sell them, and then return the rods they don’t sell following the presentation. We can also make product information available and advise Pro-staff members on how to conduct these shows and presentations. Your success is our success and ultimately the fisherman’s success... Everybody wins!!!

ESOX Rods does not require time from our Pro-Staff team members to work shows, be at dealer’s sales presentations, or fish particular tournaments. This is not to say we will not offer the chance to help at some of these events. Tackle shows can be a great way for you to network with other anglers and expand your own exposure level as well as promote our product. We allow our team members to determine their level of effort and resulting rewards depending on their personal situations

We have provided some of our Pro-Staff members who also run promotions and tournaments, discount coupons for use as prizes at their events. This provides a nice reward for various winners and adds to the winning pot.

What do you have to do to become an ESOX Pro-Staff Team member?

A person must first fill out our team application form below. It is important that we have telephone numbers and email addresses to contact each applicant.

We require each member to obtain at least three rods from our ESOX or Carbon Fiber Series rods. These three rods have an estimated cost of about $550, saving each person approximately $230 off the retail price. Occasionally, we have special arrangements for those who truly have difficulty with coming up with the $550 to start. As a Pro Staff member, you will be obtaining your rods at dealer cost at approximately 35% off. If you can show us progress, these discounts can be improved. We also have promotional programs during the year that allow you to obtain even better discounts. There is a shipping and handling cost associated with all orders depending on the location of the individual. There is no limit as to how many rods you can obtain with this discount.

We provide all Pro-Staff members with promotional items like window decals for your boat, truck, etc. We also provide a website ID and Password that allows access to the Pro-Staff portion of our website. In this section you can obtain items such as, an embroidery file, a high-resolution ESOX Rods logo for graphic printing work, the ability to print out catalog information and PDF files. Sometimes we put special items inside this area for Pro-Staff Team members only to read.

We have apparel, which we discount to our Pro-staff members, especially the tournament shirts. These are great shirts. They will help you by attracting people who want to see and know more about ESOX Rods. There is plenty of room to display other sponsors logos on our shirts. Many team members have secured additional sponsors as a result of starting with us. (Obviously, other fishing rod companies are not allowed.) We discount these shirts from the $110 listed on the website for team members.

Some Pro-Staff members also know local dealers and want see ESOX Rods in those stores. We have a program for selling to dealers paying you 10% of the dealer’s orders.

This is one of the strongest Pro-Staff opportunities going. There are so many ways to benefit within the program. Whether you are just starting out in your angling career or you are a proven tournament angler with lots of experience promoting and working through pro-staffs. Esox Rods will provide you with the Esox Advantage and work with you to make you a better tournament fisherman.

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